S521076 - ASC, Starter, 12V, 9T, CCW, DD, 0.6KW, DENSO, Reman

Direct Replacement ASC POWER SOLUTIONS - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : ASC, Starter, 12V, 9T, CCW, DD, 0.6KW, DENSO, Reman

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Description: Starter
OEM(s): Denso, Suzuki
Voltage: 12
Power: 0.6kW / 0.8HP
Rotation: CCW
Starter Type: DD
Number of Teeth: 9
Application: Suzuki Carry & Every Applications

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New vs. Reman RemanManufacturer Design DD
Voltage 12Power Rating 0.6
Starter Rotation CounterclockwiseTooth Quantity 9

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Cross Reference

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