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About Us 1933

Since 1933, ASC Auto Electric (formerly Armature Service Co) has been a distributor and re-manufacturer of starters and alternators for all types of vehicles--from ATVs to cars to boats to trucks--really anything with a motor and starter. While our business began and remains based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we serve customers across the country (and even globally) because of our reputation and 85+ years experience working with auto electric parts of all kinds. We are a distributor of starters, alternators, and other products for auto parts stores, carrying all the leading product lines. We also sell batteries, custom cables, lighting, turbos, fuel injectors and offer DPF cleaning for our customers in a wide variety of fields and industries. BOTTOM LINE: If it has a motor or a starter, we can help. Our team of experts has been with us for decades and we would love the opportunity to prove that we are the best solution for your auto electric needs.