A45PB - OPTRONICS Light--Pigtail

Direct Replacement OPTRONICS - Direct Replacement

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  • 10"leads
  • ring terminal on ground
  • stripped ends on power leads

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
A45PBOPTRONICSDirect Replacement
60403Truck-LiteDirect Replacement
94926Truck-LiteDirect Replacement
94962Truck-LiteDirect Replacement
40029RTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
44027YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
45258RTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60072YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60117YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
66050RTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60085RTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60094YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60115YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60050RTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
44001YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
45001YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
45002YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
45201YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
45256YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
60075YTruck-LiteDirect Replacement
53432GROTEDirect Replacement
53452GROTEDirect Replacement
53462GROTEDirect Replacement
G4012GROTEDirect Replacement
67150GROTEDirect Replacement
67151GROTEDirect Replacement
67000-3GROTEDirect Replacement
53342GROTEDirect Replacement
421KHRPetersonDirect Replacement
431-491PetersonDirect Replacement
B421-491PetersonDirect Replacement
B431-491PetersonDirect Replacement
47286018886UPCDirect Replacement
047286018886UPCDirect Replacement