A411034 - ASC, Alternator, 12V, 65 Amp, IR, CW, Marelli, Reman

Direct Replacement ASC POWER SOLUTIONS - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : ASC, Alternator, 12V, 65 Amp, IR, CW, Marelli, Reman

Ready to Ship Std Pack : 1
Price : $226.55
$ 190 .11

You Save: 36.44 (16.08%)

Core Deposit : $20.00

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New vs. Reman RemanAmps 65
Volts 12Rotation Direction Clockwise
Regulator Type Internal

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
A411034ASC POWER SOLUTIONSDirect Replacement
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MAN354MARELLIDirect Replacement
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IA0327Letrika SalesDirect Replacement
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A-6248Dixie ElectricDirect Replacement
63321019MARELLIDirect Replacement
X612584MPA XDirect Replacement
63321099MARELLIDirect Replacement
4808515FIATDirect Replacement
4808511NEW HOLLANDDirect Replacement
63307802MARELLIDirect Replacement
MG 156MAHLEDirect Replacement
400-29012JNEDirect Replacement
172-41002JNEDirect Replacement
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