A121764 - ASC, Alternator, 24V, 45 Amp, IR, EF, Bi, V1, 57MM, Delco, 20SI, Reman

Part Notes : ASC, Alternator, 24V, 45 Amp, IR, EF, Bi, V1, 57MM, Delco, 20SI, Reman

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New vs. Reman RemanPulley Design Standard Pulley
Product Family Delco 20SIAmps 45
Volts 24Pulley Groove Quantity 1
Fan Type ExternalRotation Direction Bidirectional
Regulator Type InternalMounting Type Flange
Pulley Outside Diameter 57Ground Type Negative
Number Code for Plug Type 151

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
A121764ASC POWER SOLUTIONSDirect Replacement
110-020BarsancoDirect Replacement
0R5217CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
X67467MPA XDirect Replacement
1117615DelcoDirect Replacement
2303JBPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
0R2698CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
1117645DelcoDirect Replacement
240-835PICDirect Replacement
90-01-3156Wilson Auto ElectricDirect Replacement
20-118WAIDirect Replacement
321-665DELCO REMANDirect Replacement
110801CargoDirect Replacement
7297LesterDirect Replacement
10459319DelcoDirect Replacement
7297NROMAINE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
9G8255CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
A-1117Dixie ElectricDirect Replacement
X67467NMPA X NewDirect Replacement
101-20201Dixie Electric NewDirect Replacement
1243060H91INTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
RA120001XMidlandDirect Replacement
1117619DelcoDirect Replacement
ALT1004KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6N5217CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
20SIModel NumberDirect Replacement
1117643DelcoDirect Replacement
42714RCPDirect Replacement
73113742FiatAllisDirect Replacement
LRA2479Lucas (Europe)Direct Replacement
73119134FiatAllisDirect Replacement
111640CUMMINSDirect Replacement
5N5692CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
E820107XEuclidDirect Replacement
3Y6691CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
ADR0036Arrowhead Electrical ProductsDirect Replacement
1117642DelcoDirect Replacement
3T6352CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
1286822H91INTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
A7297IATDirect Replacement
6N9294CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
3604676RXCUMMINSDirect Replacement
36-7297ROMAINE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
3016627CUMMINSDirect Replacement
3N2706CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
7297NWAIDirect Replacement
6N9249CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
7297IndustryDirect Replacement
A121765ASC POWER SOLUTIONSDirect Replacement
400-12026JNEDirect Replacement
400-12270JNEDirect Replacement
90013156Wilson Auto ElectricDirect Replacement
A121764NASC POWER SOLUTIONSDirect Replacement
311209YouTechDirect Replacement
YT-311209YouTechDirect Replacement
400-12026RJNEDirect Replacement