I had an alternator that was having a hard time charging my car, I brought it in for a rebuild, and these guys replaced most of the inside of the part and had it ready for me in four hours, all for the cost of half of a new alternator. They also offer 12 month warranties on all the parts they replace at no additional cost. Super grateful to have my vehicle on the road again, and Ill definitely be sending any friends with similar problems their way

Eriks 5-Star Review on Google Business

Excellent service. Great products at a reasonable price.

Garrys Recommends us on FB

Very friendly folks and are definitely there to help a person in a bind. Thanks again Scott for the help.

Tony H.-5 Star Review on Nicelocal

I am a 55 year old male who is not addicted to a cell phone. These guys are great....needed an alternator for a boat...Volvo wanted $1082 for a Valeo 60 amp alternator..Worked with Britt who took the time to find the exact OEM alternator and shipped to me for less than 1/2 of Volvos price. Absolutely great people to work with...I would highly recommend them. Good luck and great work!

Toms 5 Star Review on Google Business

Mr. Scott Evans, Great big thank you making sure I had the right parts, rounding them up, and delivering them, taking that extra initiative, genuine care, going the extra mile! Men like you make this world a better place and the little guy like me able to keep on trucking--even the desire to keep on trucking. My sincere gratitude and appreciation. Thank you--and to your co-workers as well.

Jim B, Reccomends Us on Facebook

These guys WENT WAY above and beyond what was even called for, to help find a starter for me on an engine that I had very little information on. Not only friendly, helpful and professional…but the price was better than I could even find online! I am very much obliged to you folks.

Robbie-Bear E.- 5 Star Review on Nicelocal

I had a starter problem which Armature Service resolved quickly, I would recommend them to anyone. The new location on University looks very professional.

Terrys Review on FaceBook

Call them this morning about rebuilding an alternator for my boat. Dropped it off about 9:30 and by 3:30 p.m. I had my alternator back. Friendly staff good turnaround time

Chad A,-5 Star Review on Nicelocal